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xiamen stone fair


xiamen stone fair


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Xiamen Stone Exhibition was held in Xiamen on June 10th. The exhibition mainly demonstrated the latest market trends in stone products and technology. It attracted many exhibitors from all over the world, showing a great influence and prosperity.

The exhibition was divided into four areas: stone material, stone machinery, stone chemicals and stone decorations. Stone materials focused on the basic raw materials for stone production and processing, and exhibited the latest stone products available for sale. Stone machinery displayed machinery and equipment used in stone production and processing, showing the advanced technology of stone machinery. Stone chemicals exhibited a variety of chemicals used in stone production and processing, providing solutions for stone care and maintenance. The stone decorations area showcased stone sculptures, countertops and other decorative stone works, of which all the works had the characteristics of their own styles.

The exhibition was widely praised and had achieved great success. It was a good opportunity to experience and witness the latest trends of the stone industry, and also a good chance to develop new products to meet the needs of the stone industry. We can expect to see more great things in the near future.

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